tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Okay, let's see what we have - The first guide; Money Tips.

If you’re reading this guide, i guess that you’re in need of some money. No problems! Just read this guide, and you’ll get some great tips to make money.

I made enough gold to get a chopper in 3 weeks with a few steps.

As you see, i’m in a high-end guild with great progress. This might follow if you have the gold to earn gear and rare stuff.
Okay. No more chit-chat. Let’s start.
The first tip: If you have a level 80 with gear for ToC25, you can use this.
Okay; Find a raid for ToC25. A pug is fine. When you down the bosses, rare recipes have a high droprate. Those are going for 500-750g on my server – Each!
Skill required to roll for ‘em, i guess. No problem. Before entering, you’ve made sure that atleast a Blacksmith, a tailor and a leatherworker is on your friendlist. Let them link the required skill to you and link the skill in /raid. You’ve now made yourself able to roll.
On my server, there’s like 20% chance to get every recipe i roll on. I’ve made 2000g in this way.

The second tip:
If you have Triumphs/Frosts that you ain’t using anymore, convert the triumphs into Heroisms and buy gems for ‘em. If Frosts, buy Primordial Saronites for them.
I had 300 Triumphs. I sold gems for 5600g in 6 days.

The third tip:
You should ALWAYS use your professions to make profit. I am leatherworker, and i’ve bought some of the icecrown recipes. A lot of people are looking for those, andi  once made a 600g fee for 5 minutes of work.
You can additionally download Auctioneer Advanced to browse AH for cheap stuff. However, only buy things that people need. Not stupid, cheap, blue gear for level 50 that you won’t be able to sell again, or outdated enchanting mats.

The fourth tip:
Read the patch notes 1 week before release! If a new raid is coming out, BUY CHEAP ABYSS CRYSTALS! The price will eventually rise when people is gettin’ more gear. This is a great way to get money.

The fifth tip:
At last; Get stuff that people need. For example, Sulfuron Ingot and Elementium Ores. In these days, people want to be something special. Those 2 goes with some other mats, to create Sulfuras, the hammer of Ragnaros.- And they’re selling for atleast 250g/piece. From MC/Bwl.

That’s all i have for you. Good luck!

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  1. Dude, please change your font color. This is unreadable and i don't wanna select text to read it in the future.

    Also, the thing with stealing recipes, not cool.

    Rest of the tips was fine i guess.

  2. hey, thanks for leaving a comment (oh, you so stupid)
    this is some decent tips. thanks.

  3. aaaaah. black font on a gray background. not nice!

  4. Heh, yeah, i'm quite new into this stuff, so it's cool; I'll just find out how to change it.

    >Also, the thing with stealing recipes, not cool.

    I couldn't agree more, and i've never personally taken a recipe from another under these conditions. I've, surprisingly, never had problems with the economy; It's just that - It's a tip :]

  5. Fun game, I am afraid that I might get addicted, though.

  6. Good tips. Number 5 is one people strangely overlook in a lot of games for some stupid reason. Crafting materials, for example, are always in high demand.

  7. Great guide, helped me alot.

  8. Great tips, I'm going to have to try some of this stuff.

  9. Good to see some tips about WoW, I have started playing recently. I think it really gone help me. Thanks again!

  10. Awesome, gonna try this next chance i get

  11. i am actually sry that i dotn play wow i played very little. Cause i think now your guide would have me made some nice money.

  12. for a minute i thought you were talking about real life...lol...i was thinking, what the hell is this guy talking about