lørdag den 25. september 2010


Welcome to the World of Warcraft; What and Why blog. In this, i will tell you everything that's worth knowing about World of Warcraft.

Now you're maybe wondering "Hm. Who is this guy? Does he have any experience at all?"
Don't Worry! I have played a Tauren Shaman on the Horde EU servers through nearly 5 years now! I have raided in several End-game raiding guilds and know my stuff.

"Yeah, yeah, empty words" - Not at all; Here's a picture of my Character right now!
As you see, i'm quite good geared.

Well, the idea of this blog is to provide you with as much information about World of Warcraft as possible. This blog will contain tips about:

Gold (And how to get it)
Healing and Dps (Rotations, AddOn's, etc.)
Raiding (Tactics, boss tricks, flasks, you get the idea)
Exploiting the Terrain (Gettin' to GM island, Old Outlands and more)
Guilds (How do you know whether a guild is good or not?)

.. and a bit more 'obscure' thing:
Model Editing (How to make land, edit your weapon, etc.)

Look for more, because it's definetly coming up soon!

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  1. Cool blog. Nice to see you join the world of blogger. I followed hit me back!

  2. Be carefull that game can be addicting! ;]

  3. Played this game for 10+ hours for months a year ago, i'm afraid i might fall back in at cataclysm :p